Pandemic Parenting Part 1

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that…sh*t, I don’t know what it’s taught us. For some, it’s been an inspiration to learn a new language. Others, to perfect their baking skills. Me? It’s taught me that my 6 year old has a smart mouth and an attitude that rivals my own. I canContinue reading “Pandemic Parenting Part 1”


We have lived in our apartment since I was two months pregnant with our son Charlie. It’s on a quiet street in Long Island City. We don’t really know our neighbors well but this pandemic has helped us form a connection with many that would of never happened otherwise. Our apartment windows face the streetContinue reading “#7pmclapforessentialworkers”

Welcome to my Blog, I have no idea what I’m doing

So I decided to start this project as a reaction to having a lot of time on my hands. That, and I was tempted to send in a submission to Humans of New York but decided my life isn’t really all that interesting to be featured in something as popular as HONY. But then myContinue reading “Welcome to my Blog, I have no idea what I’m doing”