Why tuna fish sandwiches taste better when they’re cut into triangles

Photo by John Vasilopoulos on Pexels.com

Somethings just taste or look better when they’re presented a certain way. Here are my top ten satisfying things in my world right now, or at least the ones that popped into my mind when making this list:

  1. Tuna fish sandwiches: I only like solid white tuna in water, mixed with chopped onion and mixed with real mayo. I put it on toasted potato bread and cut it into triangles. I’ve had other tuna fish sandwiches, but none area as good as the ones I make at home, to these specifications.
  2. Grilled cheese and tomato soup: A classic combo for sure, but for some reason, there is just something about a grilled Swiss cheese on rye bread and Campbell’s tomato soup. Also, cut into triangles for optimal taste. The only time I ever eat rye bread, is when it’s presented like this.
  3. Iced coffee: Everyone likes iced coffee, right? I make a super concentrated pot and add cinnamon sugar while it’s steeping in our french press. After about five minutes, I pour it into a half gallon mason jar filled halfway with ice water. Stir and let sit for about five more minutes. I pour it into a glass packed with ice, add a little half and half and boom! Instant happiness in a glass.
  4. Banana pudding: Now, I can’t be alone when I say banana cream pudding tastes like childhood. Lately, I’ve been making the pudding, placing into little bowls and adding whipped cream and chocolate chips. Yum!
  5. Iceberg lettuce: Now, I’ve had my share of fancy salads. Field baby greens, spinach, arugula, kale, etc. But there is nothing that tastes better to me than a wedge of 99 cent iceberg lettuce, topped with blue cheese dressing and good old fashioned, processed bacon bits.
  6. Clean bed sheets: There are few things I like better than freshly washed bed sheets. I always add a little extra fabric softener when washing our sheets because it just feels soooooo good after a long day, especially in the summer after a shower. Add freshly shaved legs to the mix and I’m in heaven.
  7. Forrest Gump: This movie is like ranch dressing, it goes with everything. Nothing to watch on a Saturday night? Cleaning out your closet and need a little background noise? Need a good cry? This movie does it all and I love it!
  8. A blowout from the salon: Now, in pre-covid days, I would try to get to the salon for a good hair wash and blow dry at least once a month. I would walk out of the salon and feel like a million bucks. Even if I wasn’t going anywhere (I usually wasn’t), it felt great. I would come home, sit on my couch and take many, many selfies. Later I would feel silly and delete them all.
  9. Cleaning the fridge: Oh, don’t even get me started, I can write an entire book on the cathartic process of cleaning and organizing (not that I do this often, but it feels amazing when I do), I love the way the paper towels get stuck to the inside of the fridge because it’s so cold. Bonus, your fridge is clean!
  10. A new tube of toothpaste: The absolute best. Those first few days of a new tube is utter nirvana. Until your partner loses the cap underneath the toilet and you have to become a contortionist to pick it up.

There are entire Youtube channels and websites dedicated to satisfying images like soap cutting that are fun to watch, but nothing makes me feel good like the items above. I don’t know why but they just feel good and make me feel good.

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