COVID Vaccine? Yeah, ok….

It’s been too long since I’ve written because life has gotten in the way and basically, I’ve been lazy. Life is becoming an overwhelming rollercoaster of everything. There are so many moments where things feel “normal” and then it all comes crashing down when I’m reminded that we are still in the midst of a…

Escape from NYC

So, today is the first time we have been outside of NYC limits since the onset of COVID-19. It’s been a long, hard road in the city as most days have been spent inside, avoiding people, remote-learning and what seems like, always cleaning our apartment. We decided back in May to rent a house in…


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About Me

Hello! I’m Tiffany, Mom to Charlie 7 and partner to Eric. We live in a tiny apartment in Long Island City, NY, just a few minutes outside of Manhattan. I’m a restaurant manager and Eric is also in the business.

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